Adelaide Central YHA

135 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

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Adelaide Central YHA


Overview of Hostel

Located in the heart of the city, overlooking picturesque Light Square. Modern facilities, large self catering kitchen, dining room, TV /movie room, free luggage storage, fully air conditioned, stairs/elevator, fast internet and free WiFi and 24 hour security access. Within a kilometer of shops, clu

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4 km from Keswick Railway Station with Skylink Shuttle Bus.

Hostel is 8km from airport.

Taxi costs approximately $20 from airport to hostel.

Catch the Trans Adelaide Jet Bus from and to Currie St a 100 metres walk from and to YHA. The Jet Bus runs approximately every 15 minutes..

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Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

Children 16 years and under are required to stay with their parents/legal guardians in private rooms. If you are 17 then you can stay unaccompanied if you have a letter from your parent/guardian stating that they are aware that you are staying at the hostel and that the hostel will not supervise your activities. We can only accept online bookings for up to 9 guests within the same date range. Group facilities available, special group rates on application.